A 12-Step Process for Creating Content that Attracts Free Traffic, Leads, and Conversions


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SEO Magnet Template

This is the same template we've used to organize and build dozens of SEO Magnets.  It's fill-in-the-blank easy.

Proven SEO Formulas

SEO Magnet Checklist

The key to getting SEO traffic is to create remarkable content that is structured properly.  This checklist will get you there.

The "Now with More" Process

A proven process for updating and republishing content you've already created and improving its search rankings.

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Founder of theCLIKK, Russ Henneberry will teach you a proven method to create content that generates free traffic from search engines.

You'll have access to the recorded on-demand version of this workshop for the lifetime of the product.

Title tag, meta-description, H1, and URL formulas that make a difference to your SEO rankings.

"theCLIKK's workshop was very valuable because not only did you walk us through WHAT to do, but WHY to do it, and HOW to do it. A great blend of context, strategy, expert insights, and concrete tools."

Anney Perrine

Senior VP of Communications at PALM Health

Get traffic from Google for just $295

... and this ain't my first rodeo. (It's not my second either. I'm old, okay!  😂)

Hi, I'm Russ...

I've created SEO campaigns that are responsible for driving millions of visits to content and product pages.

I don't say that to brag. I say it so you'll understand that I've figured this stuff out and I can teach you to successfully build a piece of content that drives free traffic from Google and other search engines. (Wait... are there other search engines?)

In fact, I have trained and certified thousands of professionals through my coaching, courses, stage presentations and book, Digital Marketing for Dummies. 

Russ Henneberry
Founder, theCLIKK

"Russ Henneberry is one of the most knowledgeable marketers out there, period. Over the past few years, applying what I have learned from his courses has had a profoundly positive effect on my business."

Michael King

Owner, Lasik Marketing Agency

How SEO magnets pull traffic from Google to your website like gravity pulling an object toward the Earth. (Deep thought, huh?)

How to apply a "Dog Whistle Callout" to your SEO Magnet so you can make the right offer to the right person at the right time.

How to select "money keywords" every time so you're not optimizing your SEO Magnet for worthless keyword phrases.

The biggest mistake marketers make when measuring their SEO in 2020. (Most pros even make this mistake because they use the wrong tool. The best measurement tool is free.)

Plus the SEO Magnet checklist, templates, on-page SEO formulas, and "Now With More" process.

... of what we'll cover in this 1-day online workshop.


How to find and transform the content you've already created into an SEO Magnet that drives free traffic from Google.

5 free keyword research tools you can use to find the right keyword every time.

How to get Position "0" results so you'll show up BEFORE the first result in the Google search results pages.

What Abraham Lincoln (and Wikipedia) can teach us about how SEO works in 2020.

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You will have lifetime access to the workshop materials including the recording of the live workshop.

Ask Live Questions

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That's an easy one.  Anyone that wants to drive free traffic to a website from Google should take this workshop.


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Get traffic from Google for just $295